1st Meeting (At a glance)

The first meeting was attended by 125 geographers from different parts of old Bihar. Everyone was in celebrating mood. Late Prof. P. Dayal presided over the first ever meeting of geographers of Bihar to constitute an association. Dr. R. B. P. Singh welcomed the participants and briefly out lined the purpose of the meeting. Every one appreciated the move and anadhoc committee was constituted to do further consultation with larger group of geographers. Dr. P. Dayal was declared as the Patron of the proposed Association. Dr. L. N. Ram was chosen as the first ever President and Dr. R. B. P. Singh and Dr. D. P. Singh were nominated as General Secretary and Treasurer-Cum-Joint Secretary respectively.

Five other important resolutions were unanimously taken. They were as follows:

  • Life Membership and Annual Membership fee were resolved as `500/- and `100/- respectively.
  • The permanent headquarter of the Association shall be in the Department of Geography, Patna University, Patna.
  • Annual Conference of the Association shall be held regularly and it was also resolved to hold the first Annual Conference in the Department of Geography, Patna University, Patna in the month of November, 1999.
  • The name of the Association shall be “Bihar Association of Geographers”.
  • It was also resolved to open an A/C of proposed association in Allahabad Bank, Patna University Branch in the name of “Bihar Association of Geographers, Patna”.
    The first meeting ended with the vote of thanks by Prof. D. P. Singh, Magadh University.