• The articles presented in the last AGBJ Annual Conference shall be published in the journal.
  • Only those articles shall be incorporated in the journal, which are research oriented and are original.
  • The articles must be computer typed on A4 size paper and only on the one side of the paper.
  • The type must be double spaced and latter must be of 12 points size.
  • Maps accompanied the articles must be computer printed in A4 size or less.
  • The articles must have a brief abstract at the beginning with not more than 200 words, followed by key words.
  • References be given at the end in the standard format.
  • Author must give their full postal address with designation for correspondence and Mobile number.
  • Standard format for References
    Sources of reference may be Books, Journals/Magazines and internet. They need to be arranged at the end of the research paper in the given standard format :
    Book : 1. Author's full name (last name first) 2. Full title (including subtitle, if any) 3. Edition (if second or later edition) 4. Number of the volume (if multivolume) 5. City of publication 6. Publisher's Name 7. Year of publication.
    Loomba, Ania. Colonialism/Postcolonialism. London and New York : Routledge, 1999 or Loomba, Ania. (1999) Colonialism/ Postcolonialism. London and New Yourk : Routledge.
    Article in a Scholarly Journal : 1. Author's Name (Last name first) 2. Title of the article 3. Title of the Journal 4. Volume no. 5. Year of publication 6. Page nos. (Beginning to end of the article)       More....