XXlll Annual Conference cum National Seminar of The Association of Geographers, Bihar and Jharkhand (AGBJ) will be held on 15 & 16 October ,2022 at S.B.College, Ara (Bhojpur).The focal theme of the Seminar is " Contemporary trends of migration from Bihar and Jharkhand.

Welcome to AGBJ

The Association of Geographers, Bihar and Jharkhand (AGBJ) is one of the largest regional associations of geographers in India. It was founded under the stalwart-ship of Late Dr. P. Dayal and has now become an association having more than 800 life members. The founding name was “Bihar Association of Geographers”,which was changed at T.M.B.University, Bhagalpur in 2003 (5th Annual Conference) as “The Association of Geographers, Bihar and Jharkhand” (AGBJ).

The Association was registered in August 2010 under Societies Registration Act-21 of 1860. The Association has been organizing annual conference and foundation day lecture without interruption since its 1st Annual Conference (1999). The Association also publishes a Journal named “Geographical Perspective” bearing ISSN No. 0970-809X.